Tuesday, May 12, 2009

UPDATED! THE DON'T LIST ] You know you're still living in the '90s when...

Of all the decades to be trapped in, I told my friend after visiting an architect's house whose interiors were designed by his wife, why choose to be trapped in the '90s? Admit it, we were all victimized by all that wellness hoopla. We all wanted to go to spas and our Ivy Almarios thought we also might want to live in them. Hence, our rooms had to smell of eucalyptus wafting from a ceramic burner. Hence, these remnants from our Oriental meets minimalist meets spa obsession which, sadly, still lurks in our wenge console tables these days. You know you're still living in the '90s when you have...

1) Candles, especially when arranged in the manner pictured.

2) Potpourri on the breakfast counter, the coffeetable, the bath. Oh how people got carried away with the bath, especially when rose petals floated in them.

3) Sepak takraw balls, arranged on a wide shallow bowl.

4) Huge rattan-lined plate on a stand, especially when beside a phaelenopsis.

5) An Ivan Acuna painting, or some orangey abstract.

6) Wenge all over

7) Silk shantung throw pillows

8) Tassels everywhere

9) Wind chimes

10) And this one takes the cake: The picture frame divider.

And finally, the vinegar-infused fruit bottles.

Of course we are as toxic as we've ever been after all that spa and spa-like experience but don't we all love the '90s?

Next week, the early 2000s, when magazines told us to put shells just beside where we shit.


  1. LOL! Seems like a lot of these items can be found at Regalong Pambahay :-D

  2. tumpak! the sepak takraw balls are a dead giveaway

  3. What? No nod to the Balinese furniture and detailing that took Manila by storm?

  4. hilarious. we still see it in a lot of the houses...

    seriously, now everyone is aiming for "boutique hotel" and another cliche is the bathroom sink that sits on top of a wooden or concrete base. if i see another one....