Monday, July 20, 2009

THE TOP 12 ] Reasons why we're back

gal_entourage1And so are they for Season 6.

1 Because recent weather forced us to stay home with nothing to do. Hence, we also saw Episode 1 of Season 6 wherein for reasons unknown to man E is portrayed as The Hot One, and Vinny is relegated to side dish. There is a hot Ari vs Lloyd battle but it fizzles out in the end.

2 Because we just appeared in Garage.

3 Because we just appeared in Metro Society.

4 Because Joel Ruiz called us excellent in his blog. And me love Joel.

5 Because Manila's chicest reads us. And while we are tempted to drop names, we're too cool for that.

6 Because two more people decided to sign up and follow us. Ooh, and another one just now.

7 Because we haven't earned from this and we want to.

8 Because its Cinemalaya season. I mean wherelse will we voice out our grievances/joy from watching all those films? The trip from QC to CCP is not a joke, you understand. It's P400 if we take a cab, or jeep+2trainrides+CCPorangeshuttle then cab again to go home, or we ride with someone and pressed to talk to person-with-car.

9 Because we just nominated ourselves to the Philippine Blog Awards, and we might just win. If by chance the confirmation link finally works.

10 Because if Lolit really orchestrated that whole Hayden-Katrina-Vicky circus, we have to continue existing to prove that there is more good than evil in this world.

11 Because we've already gotten the hang of this. And, like the boys in the photo above say, a lifestyle is a terrible thing to waste.

12 Supply your personal reason here.


  1. coz you love ur readers and we love you oh so BACK!

  2. ay sus...its a great time, the world is a changing. you guys broke ground with this ezine, tapos may i walk away kasi ...(pls supply ur reason here).

    tuloy tuloy nyo na, you have this great opportunity to say what u want, print what u want.and lets not forget, "publisher" on ur resume is vhoy magnet, may iba pa bang rason na kailangan?

    ano ba????????

  3. Because really we're pretty good at what we do.