Tuesday, August 25, 2009

LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING ] Frankie Callaghan's pretty view of ugly worlds


Silverlens proudly presents Dwelling, a series of images by Frankie Callaghan. As in his process and concept, Callaghan captures the ambient aura and light of the city. He takes to the backstreets and saturates dwelling places, monuments of cement and metal, in washes of light and color from their immediate surroundings.


He seizes rare glimpses of stillness, steeped in an acute awareness of the present. “I found myself drawn to the quiet, empty spaces of urban fringes at night and to the unintentional beauty of dwellings that seem to have grown organically out of the sincere need for shelter and the limits of material and space,” says Callaghan. His forthright perception eliminates the noise of judgment and elucidating the scenery with evidence of stories and leaves viewer to speculate. And as a product of his candid process and perception, he reveals the indwelling life and beauty that are most often overlooked.


Dwelling by Frankie Callaghan opens at 6 pm on Septmeber 9, 2009, Wednesday, and runs until the 3rd of October 2009 at Silverlens Gallery. As a related gallery event, Frankie Callaghan will be hosting Sound Reaction a music and sound event where musicians and DJs interact with the photographs from the show. The even will take place on October 1, 2009, Thursday from 6-9pm at Silverlens Gallery.

Dwelling will be shown alongside Archetypes by Stanley Ruiz at 20Square, and a group show featuring 10 collage artists curated by Gary-Ross Pastrana at SLab.


  1. wow. that second shot is simply amazing. somehow it reminds me of an image I saw decades ago of a neo-realistic painting of a chinese artist.

  2. I want to know what he does exactly with the light. As if I'll understand.