Tuesday, October 27, 2009

INTERIOR MOTIVES ] How to mix your Gary Pastrana with your Bo Concept

frankieThe lightbox on wall is "Frieze," photographic transparency by Poklong Anading, 2009.

It was a how-to party that took a long time coming. "Why only now?" I asked Manuel Chaves last Wednesday at the Interior Motives event at Bo Concept. Contemporary art meets contemporary furniture. It was such a simple idea, and yet, as Manny puts it, "swak na swak." Of course, it also questions the long frowned-upon practice of buying art according to the color of your living room. But I guess, what with some of the artists themselves in attendance, and the smart handiwork of Mawen Ong, the owner of Bo (herself an artist), that question never quite entered the establishment's huge glass doors. Inside, the only thing you could hear is the music by Caliph8 and the guilt-free clinking of champagne glasses.

mawenMawen Ong's "Still Life 2 and 3" and "No Limits in Color," acrylic on canvas by MM Yu.

garySculptures made of masking tape, by Gary Ross Pastrana.

dalai"Prayer wall," manipulated images of the Dalai Lama, by Pardo de Leon.

collage+geKaloy Olavides' collage on canvas, "Les Mannequins 1" by Felix Bacolor, and (right photo) "In Loving Memory of Together and Forever" by Geraldine Javier.

Bernardo-Pacquing-DoppelganDoppelganger by Bernardo Pacquing.

blackyellowReg Yuson's "Who's Afraid of Yellow," diptych, automotive paint on fiberglass panels, 2008.

atjohnnyOur favorites: At Maculangan's "Opera 10," and Johnny Alcazaren's "The Odds Are Stacked," discarded chair parts, by the entrance.

All photographs courtesy of Mawen Ong of Bo Concept.


  1. the foto up front is Poklong Anading, I believe.

  2. Yup, sorry, I corrected everything na. I lost my brochure eh. And got so drunk.