Monday, November 9, 2009

RYAN+GAROVS ] They shoot everywhere, don't they?

ryan2Ryan shoots Ryan.

You and Garovs, are you a couple?
Ryan: Yes! :)
Garovs: Yes, a couple of dorks.

What is everywhereweshoot?

R: It's an online portfolio
G: …that we put up after graduating from college to cut on printing costs when we’d apply for jobs. It used to be filled with projects we did through college and some cheesy portfolio material we’re not too proud of. Haha. Now its filled with published works and because you asked that question, I think its time to change our site’s layout!

How do you divide the work between you two?
R: Garovs as the stylist and creative director who assists me when she doesn’t style or direct.
G: Ryan as the Photographer and web designer who is also my assistant stylist when we’re shooting and when we’re not. Both (of us) Graphic Designer and driver.

How long have you been working together?

R: Since late 2005.

How's it been so far?
R: Lovely! hihihihi
G: Four years went by too fast!

What do you admire most about his work? About hers?

R: Everything.
G: Spontaneity and randomness. When we need to brainstorm for a project, we realized that when we’d meet to list down ideas, we’d end up arguing and wanting to kill each other. So now we’d do errands, walk around malls or parks, visit friends, make chikahan, eat, then somehow, at the same time, we see something that links to the project—KA-BOOM! We get excited and build on it. Concept done. Eerie, no? Or maybe we’re just making up excuses for not wanting to work on a desk at office hours.

garovs2Garovs by Ryan.

What inspires you?
R: Everyday life.
G: Coffee and cigarettes after lunch.

How do you start your day?
R: Checking our email.
G: Go through my bookmarks, while facebooking, ‘til coffee kicks in.

What do you look forward to on an ordinary day?
R: Doing unusual stuff
G: Getting a haircut, going to the park. Also, randomly seeing a friend and making chikahan

What's the best thing about what you do?
R: Being able to do what we love to do everyday and seeing we can do it forever.
G: That we get to meet interesting people in the photo/ fashion/ graphic design/arts/music/film and other industries that we work with.

Describe your work station/desk/studio? Favorite things that it contain.
R: It's a mess.
G: We work outdoors, usually in the car too, we don’t take too long rendering things on the MBP. I think The Fort is our workstation. Highstreet has a steady breeze, grass, chill passersby, and treats! And friends!

Music you agree on most of the time.

R: Old music, indiepop, any song actually
G: Ryan, aminin mo na, we love belting out on 96.3Wrock!

What are you working on at the moment?

R: Secret.
G: Yes, will launch the secret by December. Its not Victoria’s ha! Also, we’re working on sleeping before 3am.

For the works of everywhereweshoot, click here.

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