Thursday, December 3, 2009

SEND IN THE CLOWNS ] Luis Lorenzana's Midnight Lullaby

The-Midnight-Lullaby-(detaiMidnight Lullaby, detail, 2009

The Midnight Lullaby is a solo exhibit at SLab’s 20Square Gallery by Luis Lorenzana named after the largest piece included in the show which Lorenzana worked on for three years.

“This particular work is larger in scale, which means that I really needed the time to finish it. I turned down solo exhibit offers from galleries abroad in the process, explaining to them that I owe my beloved country this exhibit,” says Lorenzana.

Seen largely as a preview to a grander solo show in September 2010, The Midnight Lullaby combines the artist’s technical application of the play between light and shadow, while staying true to his pop art, animation and surreal imagery influences.

“I’m fascinated with clowns – so deep, tragic, mysterious, and alone. So many different emotions can be expressed just by using a clown’s face.”

The Midnight Lullaby opens at 6 pm on Friday, December 11, 2009, and runs until January 09 at SLab’s 20Square Gallery.

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