Sunday, February 28, 2010

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE ] Robert Alejandro opens his personal space to Swank


"I collect clocks. I especially like retro-esque clocks. One of
my favorites is the giant 26" clock. I'm not sure why I collect clocks
but I do know I like being on time."

Robert Alejandro has designed numerous award-winning books, magazines, retail shops, theme parks, and graphics for public spaces. As part of the family behind the enduring gift shop Papemelroti (he puts the “ro” in Papemelroti), he has also designed products, memo pads, calendars. But, when it comes to his personal space, it seems the artist has taken to a more organic way of designing, nay, evolving a look for it—filling the room with his favorite things and allowing the mixture of collectibles and personal mess create a unique, endearing world. "Yes, I know my room is a mess," he tells us. "I've meant to clean it for years!" We like it just fine.


LEFT "I also collect mobiles. I have LOTS--from bird mobiles to fish
and everything in between. It's easy to know when there's an
earthquake." RIGHT "My favorite papier maché piece is my 'moon--he is two-feet high and has a GREAT smug expression!"


"This is where I sleep. My room is in the attic which makes me
hit my head on the ceiling quite often. Keeping me company above my
bed is Jack Skellington (doll) given to me by my friend Karen (We
both love Tim Burton)."

Robert Alejandro
is also an avid traveler. Two years ago he went around nine countries in Southeast Asia and parts of China in 10 days with a P50,000 budget. He writes about it and, more importantly, sketches the places and vignettes he encountered in The Sketching Backpacker, available in Papemelroti outlets for P390.


  1. WOW! What a mess! many thanks SWANK Style! :-)

  2. i like the direction... very theselby
    keep going.

    this room would drive me insane. but i love looking at it in photos.