Tuesday, March 31, 2009

THE GUWAPO GUIDE ] J. Cu-unjieng on how to look dapper in a depression

Keeping it simple is the best way to stay dapper in tough times. And the thing is, most men already have the ingredients in their closet, they just need to make sure everything fits well. I can't say enough about fit.

(1) A clean, crisp white shirt with (2) well-worn, but not holey, blue jeans is always wonderful, and most men look good in that. Nothing too gimmicky, just straightforward good clothes will always work. I liked the Swank entry about the uniform, about purchasing polos that fit well. That's the idea. (3) Good shoes and a (4) belt in the same colour family. Stick to manly colors. Navy, grey, white, black, brown, tan, khaki, will always look riche. As far as an accessory, I still check out a (5) man's watch. If you can't afford the expensive one, then go with something really sporty, like a Timex. It will make everyone think you're just athletic, and the good watch is at home.

J'S GROOMING NOTE: I think if a man does not neglect his grooming, then he doesn't need a scent other than the clean smell of soap. When you think about it, wouldn't you want to sleep with a man fresh from a shower, with no trace of cologne? And besides, if you kiss a man on the neck and there are traces of cologne there, you wind up tasting it. So, my grooming note is never forget to bathe, even if you're going to be sweaty 10 minutes later. I shower before the gym or before a run, so I sweat clean.

J.Lee Cu-unjieng has been named several times as one of Manila's most stylish men. He used to be fashion editor at Metro hiM. He runs as fast--and as often--as he can.

A note on the collage: Christopher de Leon used to sport the look in the '80s when he was still THE leading man known for his talent, his gorgeousness and, as Imee Marcos once put it, his "tight butt." He would eventually sport daddy polos and pleated, roomy trousers (with that moustache) which probably led to his being a ham.

Collage by Neil Agonoy.

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  1. this is really cute, love the cut out.