Monday, March 30, 2009

THE HAS-BEEN ] Movie poster taglines

Like their washed up bold starlet contemporaries, their barely-noticed careers have gone the way of the "Whatever Happened To..." variety. Good thing the amazingly devoted archivist Simon Santos of the video store Video48 (West Avenue, QC) has uploaded a tremendous amount of old Filipino movie posters online. Swank rummaged through Steve's collection and picked 12 that tugged at the heartstrings.

Langis at Tubig
"If two marriages is one monotony?"

"She meets her man in some back street...during stolen hours."

Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara
"There’s something strange about this motion picture."

Broken Marriage
"When a marriage is on the rocks, the rocks are on the bed."

"Too much, too soon. A child...a woman..a 14!"

Angkinin Mo Ako (Starring Stella Strada)
"Masakit ang may karanasan. Pero ayos lang ang kasunod."
We assume there was a mistake here: the "may" should have been "unang."

Puri (Starring Stella Strada)
"From man."

"Suspended in time and space. Trapped between passion and loyalty. Eternal lovers in a bondage that demanded no release."

Private Show
"She is 17 and at the end of her line. Tonight this city becomes a witness to a--Private Show"

Kakaba-kaba ka ba?
"A dope syndicate hatches a devilish scheme. Bedlam explodes and drags everybody into the caboodle! Its witty! Its zany! Its just plain funny!"

City After Dark
"Pssst..have a good time with us in the city after dark."

Ito Ba Ang Ating Mga Anak
"You are about to watch a motion picture about a group of lost and confused youth. So powerful it hits you with a punch! This is your story. Pare, mabigat!"