Thursday, July 22, 2010

CLOTHES ENCOUNTER ] Robert Alejandro sketches from The Sartorialist


"I never heard of the website "The Sartorialist" - not until I saw the book at a bookstore. I didn't want to buy the book - I already made purchases and my bag was extremely heavy. But then, I loved the photographs, I loved how the people looked in the photographs and I thought it would be such a joy to draw them. Here are the sketches I've made and sure enough, it is a joy to draw and sketch these wonderful people photographed by Scott Schuman.

"If you get the chance, do take a look at this book, "The Sartorialist". The fashion sense of some people are AMAZING! I love it when someone isn't afraid of color, texture, being noticed or stared at!

"I think I'm SO fashion backward. My closet is full of black, brown, gray and more gray. I wonder whether I'll ever get over the fear of people noticing me.

"I don't dress well and I know it (my mom used to complain about it but she has given up on me). In one word, I dress sloppy. But this book, the Sartorialist has made me think, that I should do better. I should take better care of myself. I should dress better. I especially like the photographs of mature men who make an extra effort in looking real sharp and real cool. I think, I'd love to grow old this way."

"Have I made an effort? Sometimes I wear a hat - and that is already a big thing for me."

For more of Robert's sketches of people from The Sartorialist, click here.

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