Monday, September 21, 2009

DISCO IMPYERNO ] Cos Zicarelli's cool birthday in Hell


The show was those four letters on top. It was supposed to have been at Green Papaya but Cos decided to just do it at home. "Sa hell pala punta mo eh," the taxi driver told me. I guess it worked.

"The religious who subscribe to the hegemony of heterosexuality maintain that gayness--especially upon the consummation of the "homosexual act"--can lead one to hell. Homophobics who find their way here, to Constantino Zicarelli's exhibition wherein the declaration that this is hell conceptually transforms his home into hell, should thus beware: It is likely they are standing next to a faggot." ---Text posted on the entrance door, by Angelo Suarez on Cos Zicarelli's "Hell"

Carlo Tadiar writes about the evening here.

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