Thursday, September 10, 2009

FRESHLY INKED ] Raya Martin is walking wounded


Why get a new tattoo?
tattoos are landmarks to my life. and i'm just overwhelmed right now.

What is the image? Why this?
it's from an amorsolo illustration of a boy who doesn't want to take a bath. i could relate to him, his look, his stance. charlie brown calls it "the depressed stance".

Who did it? Where?
award winning joe saliendra who also did my first one. he has a shop in bf homes pque. website

Describe your surroundings, the weather.
dark was the night

How long did it take?
probably just 30 minutes but it felt like forever because the neck area is extra sensitive.

You already have a tattoo on your arm. What is it and how old?

i got my first tattoo last year after cannes. it was my first time to show a film there. end of june just before my birthday. it's a woodcut design of the eye of god that i tore off the airline magazine. it's my personal agimat.

Are you marking an important moment with this new one?
alexis died. he was my bestfriend in cinema and more importantly in life.

What were your directions/specifications to the tattoo artist?i trust joe's taste so much i let him do this thing. i just wanted lines, nothing more nothing less.

Raya Martin is a filmmaker whose works include Maicling Pelicula Nang Ysang Indio Nacional, Autohystoria, Now Showing and, most recently Independencia.

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