Tuesday, September 15, 2009

IMAGINE THE LOVE ] CD and Quark on what remains of the brokenhearted

timmy2Timmy Eigenmann in Dotdashot.

For tonight's The Spoils of Love, an Imagine Magazine exhibition featuring nine installations from nine artistic collaborations, Christina Dy and Quark Henares made two videos:Dotdashdot and Chess.

"Contemplating that fragile, meditative silence that exists in moments of absolute concentration, independent director Quark Henares and newly minted Thirteen Artists Awardee Christina Dy create a video installation that touch on two vastly different and yet ultimately related human activities in an attempt to examine the single-mindedness that allows us to rise above ourselves into a state of emotional and intellectual transcendence."

Whew. CD's email is a lot kinder.

"Both videos consist of 2 videos to be projected across each other."

"Dotdashdot shows videos of a guy and a girl, running towards each other. But of course, they will never reach other. This doomed romance may be a practice in futility, but isn't it like most things that we do anyway? The point is that we try."

chess1A scene from Chess.

"Chess shows two men playing, whatelse, chess. One in white against a black background, another in black against white. Who plays the white pieces? Who plays the black? We're not sure.

"I won't overexplain na...just come and see it!"

Starts tonight at Greenbelt 5 and 3. For more of the works and details on the show, the exhibition site is here.

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