Sunday, April 26, 2009

"ISANG LASING NA LANG, BOTE NA 'KO" ] The ultimate Bagets refresher quiz Part II


1 What was the number of William’s masseur in the casa scene?
2 What was JC’s favourite expression everytime he gets pissed with his mom Liza Lorena?
3 Saan na-meet ni JC si Chanda?
4 And what was the song playing?
5 Anong trabaho ng character ni Chanda?
6 At ano pangalan ng boyfriend niya?
7 What was Raymond’s favourite film that he recommended to Janice (Eula)?
8 What was the thing perched on Eula’s hairdo the first time she met Raymond?
9 Why was Celia so surprised when Aga told her he’s going swimming with Baby?
10 What were the neighbours playing the first time Raymond went to Eula’s apartment?
11 What was the Michael Jackson song Aga danced to?
12 And what was the name of the disco?
13 What was the name of the PE teacher who was teaching maglalatik?
14 What Peanuts character was the cover of Herbert’s huge Valentine card for Jobelle?
15 In the Valentine “So It’s You” montage, where was Raymond singing?
16 What was the Irene Cara song played in the JS prom?
17 Brokenhearted for the prom, where did Herbert and Aga go to drink?
18 And what was Aga’s memorable line?
19 What kind of music was Yayo’s family into?
20 And how did she die?
21 How did JC pay for the expensive dinner with Chanda?
22 What were Chanda’s last words to Topee after she told him she’s getting married?
23 What was a crying Celia Rodriguez looking for when Aga approached her by her typewriter?
24 What was Baby Delgado's favorite house chore?
25 The guys were graduating from high school. What careers were they considering (William had none)?

1 69. 2 "Baw si Mommy giud o!" 3 Telephone booth. 4 "You and I" ni Kenny Rogers 5 Flight stewardess 6 Rocky 7 Casablanca 8 Wooden parrot. 9 "Swimming? Waterfalls in December?" 10 Mahjong 11 Wanna Be Starting Something 12 Music Machine Disco 13 Tita Ursula (played by comedia Louella Albornoz) 14 Lucy 15 Luneta Grandstand 16 "Why Me?" 17 Shakey's. 18 "Isang lasing na lang bote na 'ko." 19 Jazz 20 Car crash after drag race with William. 21 Chanda handed him extra cash under the table while waiter tried to look elsewhere. 22 “Cmon Topee, I made you a man remember? So act like a man.” 23 "Emotional catharsis." 24 Watering plants. 25 Raymond: Mass Comm. JC: Martial Arts. Herbert: Metro Aide. Aga: Magtatayo ng disco, ang tugtog puro Michael Jackson.

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