Sunday, April 26, 2009

POSTCARDS FROM NY ] Lucky and Lloydie go beyond bromance

inmymainPhotograph from Senedy Que

Several script revisions later, In My Life, Star Cinema's Big Vilma Project after Dekada '70, is now shooting in New York--and the writing and revising continues. Its two scriptwriters say they are having the best time working on the screenplay amidst the cold spring of the Big Apple. We like to believe them. "It's been a steady stream of endless days of writing shooting waiting traveling in cars waiting shooting writing and at times, sleeping. Loving it," says Raymond. Its a story about a mom (Vilma) who has to deal with her really sick son (Luis) and his lover (John Lloyd) in a strange country--well, at least that's what I think it's about.

inmyPhotographs Bernice Tenchavez

"The weather has been quite interesting," reports Sen. "The first two NY shoots, it was very cold, especially at night. Nanginginig sina Vilma at John Lloyd, but professionals as they are, they went on with the scheduled sequences in Brooklyn and Times Square! Blessing in disguise na rin coz wala masydong tao sa Times Square that night and we were able to shoot without the crowd. When Luis arrived, the weather suddently became sunny for the next two days. He brings sunshine and smiles to everyone on the set. But he's very nervous to be acting opposite his mom for the very first time and pit acting chops with John Lloyd. The pressure is on him to deliver a performance that is at par, or least half as impressive as his co-stars. John Lloyd eats and hangs out with the rest of the staff. For one scene, he had to shed tears quietly, then Luis will step closer to wipe them off. Sweet."

inmy2Photographs from Senedy Que


  1. I'm quite excited for this film. And can I just say how fresh faced JLC is on the bottom left photo. Class

  2. Mas gusto ko yung picture niya with Ate Vi nakasideview, nakaupo siya. Parang mamang-mama kakagaling lang sa late shift. Gusto mong i-hug.

    Wait, kala ko ba men's webzine 'to? Erase.

    Hi Rey, I'm glad you share our excitement for this film. I agree with your observation about the freshness in John Lloyd's face. Digs?

  3. bern is still helping out i see. or fan lang ba?

  4. I don't know her, actually. Got photos from facebook of Raymond who she tagged.