Thursday, April 2, 2009

KUWARESMARATHON ] Noel Vera's 5 movies for Holy Week

Illustration by Noel Avendano

1 Jesus Christ, Superstar Because we can never have too much singing during Holy Week.

2 Monty Python's The Life of Brian Because we need a Christ movie so funny it was banned in Norway.

3 South Park: The Passion of the Jew Because we need an animated Jesus more than we need a Walt Disney World--and we HAVE a Walt Disney World.

4 Ben Hur Because Gore Vidal inserted the subplot about the homoerotic romance between Judah Ben Hur and Messala (Never heard of it? Neither did Chuck Heston).

5 The Last Temptation of Christ Because we can all use a little temptation and, after all is said and done, we need a Christ movie from a REAL filmmaker.

Noel Vera is the author of the book Critic After Dark which is also the name of his blog on cinema. Noel Avendano is art director of Chalk, Metro Weddings and StarStudio.


  1. What???!!! Nothing by Mel Gibson?? ahahahaha

    Seriously, The Life of Brian is a must for Holy Week. Can't get over the scene where a naked Brian opens the window and all the villagers are outside, looking at him.

  2. Noel might have found "Passion" too unappetizing. I haven't seen it myself because the images looked too gory. Not the audience for it.

    I also haven't seen The Life of Brian.

    Maybe Noel will drop by later and post a comment.

  3. Bakit walang Gospel According to Matthew? O kaya Sebastiane?

  4. Joseph, kasi kung meron nun eh di hindi na five. How are you? Where are you?

  5. Hi, yeah, five lang ang sinabi ni Jerome, so I couldn't include Pasolini, or even Godard's Hail Mary! Sayang.

    As for Gibson, I've pretty much said everything I need to say about his snuff flick here and here, with a more complete list of Christ movies here.

  6. Sabi sa inyo dadating si Noel eh. Late nga lang. Nagcheck pa kasi ng papers.

  7. Sorry, Jerome. Next time, mas current ang comment ko...