Sunday, April 26, 2009

"YOU WANNA TAKE A DIP?" ] The ultimate Bagets refresher quiz Part I


1 What was the song playing in the swimming pool scene?
2 Celia Rodriguez, Adi’s mom, and Baby Delgado were long lost friends in the movie---pa’no sila nagkakilala?
3 Quote ni Celia Rodriguez (please read with proper Celia diction): “Hindi kaya I’m to blame for what’s happening to Adi kasi I read yesterday. (beat) In a book by Sylvia Mackinson, Parenting in the 21st Century, Macro Hill Company. Quote: Cheeldren of broken mah-rriages will fully misbeheyv as a way of showing their resentment and rebellion towards their parents.” Ano ang trabaho ni Celia?
4 What was the name of Adi’s real dad?
5 And what, according to Celia, was he busy with?
6 How many years have Tonton spent as fourth year senior?
7 What was Gilbert holding when they got off the car in front of Raymond’s Baguio mansion?
8 Saang scene una pinatugtog ang Just Got Lucky?
9 What cartoon character was in Aga’s cut-off hanging tee in the beach excursion scene?
10 What did William find out about Herbert when he went underwater?
11 Sino tumuli kay Gilbert?
12 Evelyn Vargas (clinic assistant): “Wala na daw pong chicken sandwich, doktora, hotdog na lang. Ano pong gusto niyo, regular o jumbo?” Ano’ng sagot ng doctor while looking at Herbert’s ari?
13 Habang tinutuli si Gilbert, bumibili si William at Raymond ng buko kay Bembol Roco. Sabay sa pag-tapyas ng buko, sumigaw si Herbert from the clinic. What did William say?
14 Ano ang brand ng softdrinks sa pad ni Adi where the guys poured ketchup on Herbert’s nangangamatis na ari?
15 What was the real name of the school the movie was shot?
16 What brand of those footlong ballpens were the guys toying with in class?
17 What was the name of the gay teacher-in-charge?
18 Who was the bold actress who played the Spanish teacher?
19 What did Baby Delgado prepare for Adi for their merienda by the pool?
20 And what did Baby ask Aga when she noticed he was looking at the pool (after she caught him looking at her crotch)?
21 Who played the sex education teacher?
22 Who played William’s “ander da saya” dad?
23 What was the name of Liza Lorena’s boyfriend in the movie?
24 Early in the film, Tita Nena mispronounced Topee’s (JC) name. What did she say?
25 Who played the school principal?

1 "Baby, I Lied." Siguro kasi si Baby Delgado. 2 Sorority sisters. It was mentioned twice in the film. 3 Writer 4 Rusty 5 Mushrooms and his cheap Australian model. 6 Apat 7 Rubic's cube 8 The guys skateboarding in John Hay, Baguio. 9 Smurf. 10 Supot pa siya. 11 Si Dexter Doria. 12 "Vienna sausage." 13 "Pare, ayos, nabuksan na rin ang payong." 14 Fanta 15 Jose Abad Santos Memorial High School. 16 Scribbler. 17 Raul Dimaano 18 Irma Alegre 19 Pancakes. 20 "You wanna take a dip?" 21 Zorayda Sanchez 22 Rodolfo "Boy" Garcia 23 Rocky 24 Tappie 25 Flora Gasser.


  1. add: ano ang song na sinasayaw ni aga na katunog ng please dont stop the music ni rhianna...

    sagot: Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' ni Michael Jackson...

  2. i love this! im such a bagets fan! though i was born in '82 i watch this movie like crazy! infact, just like you i have a blog dedicated to the 80's (80spinas.blogspot). I enjoyed taking your the way i got a very high mark..di ko lang alam yung title ng song swimming pool scene but the rest,,hehe.. more power and have a wonderful new year with your friends and family!